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It was 10 years after the band’s break-up that members of the Seattle band thread learned that their 1993 self-produced demo tape was being shared on the internet as an early Alice In Chains bootleg. This misattribution served to bring Thread's music out of the 90s Seattle music scene and to a present-day, worldwide audience. Since then, all of their music, The Demo Tape, Everyday Grace and their self-titled thread have been made available online, receiving much positive feedback from fans of the early Seattle sound.

  • Rocky Polan, bass/vocals
  • Scott Stoltz, guitar/vocals
  • Brian Jackson, drums



New thread CDs are not in print right now. Occassionally, used CDs show up for sale on various websites. Try searching Ebay or other marketplace sites. You can also check the thread Discogs page, as they show up there too sometimes.

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The Demo Tape album cover

The Demo Tape

Released: 1993

Everyday Grace album cover

Everyday Grace

Released: 1994


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